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  • GeekVape Supermesh X series Coils contain two different types which separate  by Supermesh X1 Coil (KA1 0.2 Ohm, 60-70W) & Supermesh X2 Coil (kA1 0.4 Ohm 50-60W).  GeekVape Supermesh X series Coil features Mesh Tech with Fast Ramping that will bring your Flavor Enrich. Supermesh Coil always performance as Cost Saving along with Enhanced Lifespan. Finally Supermesh coils make your Device with Future Compatibility. GeekVape Supermesh X series Coils Compatible with Shield, Airo, Cerberus.


    ohm : Supermesh X1 Coil KA1 0.2 Ohm 60-70W - Supermesh X2 Coil KA1 0.4 Ohm 50-60W
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