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Since the Cleito EXO release announcement this morning we have been bombarded with questions regarding the coils for the Cleito EXO. There are a few things you have to know about the coils. First off, The new coils that are made for the TPD requirement and are 0.16 Ohms and it fires between 60 watts and 100 watts. This new Cleito EXO coil is a huge improvement because it produces much more vapor than the regular cleito and it also meets TPD requirement allowing for there to be no more than 2ml of E-Liquid in the tank. Now the question is “can we use these bigger coils on the regular cleito ?” and the answer is YES.

However the good news does not stop there. You can use the regular cleito coils on the Cleito EXO tank as well. Both coils work on both tanks, it is important to us to give our loyal customers options and with the release of the new Cleito EXO.

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